Screener report

Site Assessment

The cities of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood require a Screener Report as the first step to comply with the city retrofit ordinance. The Screener Report is prepared by a licensed Structural Engineer and it will determine if your 'soft-story' property will require a seismic retrofit. Our team of seismic retrofit experts can help you the required Screener Report.

As soon as you call our office, our Retrofit Pros team begins working on getting your property in compliance with a Property Assessment. We first visit your property, take pictures, measure, and our draftsmen & engineers develop a preliminary retrofit solution. Let the best retrofit team in Los Angeles help you understand what you need - and how much it will cost. 


Getting engineering plans is the first-step to making your building safer and quake-ready. Our engineers can help you design the most cost effective retrofit solution for your property in as little as five (5) weeks. We also submit your plans to Building & Safety on your behalf. Your retrofit plans come with an Approval GuaranteeIf we can't get your plans approved, nobody can!


Need to know how much a soft-story retrofit will cost? Afraid you'll pay too much to retrofit your property? Our Cost-Analysis will help you understand how much your project will cost to build. No need for inaccurate “estimates” or “ball park” figures. Our process is designed to help you understand how much your retrofit project will cost to design and build. 


The retrofit process includes construction. Once your plans are approved its time to build. Our team of retrofit pros have the experience to get your project built as quickly possible, and we also help you with a Tennant Habitability Plan (THP). We notify your tenants about upcoming construction, we develop a detailed construction calendar to keep you up to date, you'll know exactly what we are working on every day.


We are by your side every step of the way. Our team submits all the paperwork and processes permits on your behalf. If we can't get your plans approved, NOBODY can. We represent you with the City of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood. 

You won’t have to waste your time at City Hall, just sit back, relax, and let the Retrofit Pros handle it.


Our team will develop a preliminary retrofit solution before you even sign a contract. The site assessment will help you know just what it takes to retrofit your building and how much it'll cost.


We develop your retrofit plans, draft them, submit them, make all revisions, and process all permits required at no extra charge. Don't waste your time at City Hall - Let the Retrofit Pros handle it.


Once your plans are approved we can start construction, but we'll need to notify all your tenants with a Habitability Plan first. We'll call HCIDLA and handle all the paperwork.

Soft-story retrofit services

You Don't Need a Contractor, You Need a Team of Pros

If you received an Order to Comply (OTC) letter in the mail from the city of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or West Hollywood

Soft-Story Retrofit Pros can help you get the retrofit process started painlessly. We offer a wide variety of Retrofit Services for Property Owners and Property Management companies. Get started with a Complimentary Site-Assessment, or if you already have Retrofit Engineering Plans we can help with a Construction Cost-Analysis (Bid). Our team of engineers can draft & design a retrofit solution to comply with retrofit ordinances. 

If your property is in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Torrance, Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale, Downey, or Long Beach, we can help. Design & Build your soft-story retrofit project with Soft-Story Retrofit Pros.