If you received a notice letter from the City of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, or West Hollywood, you’re going to need a set of engineering plans. Engineering plans are the first step to getting your soft-story retrofit built. Our process allows us to get you the best retrofit solution for your property. See below for our retrofit engineering-plans pricing. 

Engineering Plans & City Representation

  • Building with Less than 10 units - $6,500 

  • Building with 10 to 15 Units – Call for Pricing

  • Building with More than 20 Units –  Call for Pricing

  • Building with More than 30 Units – Call for Pricing


Once your plans are approved it’s time to build. Our team of retrofit pros can handle your project from start to finish. Let our crew finish your project ahead of schedule.

Every building is unique and not all buildings will require the same retrofit solution, but below are some approximations for what you can expect to pay for your soft-story retrofit. 

Soft-Story Retrofit Construction*

  • Small Apartment Building (4-8 Units) – Approx. $20,000 to $50,000 

  • Medium Apartment Building (10-15 units) – Approx. $45,000 to $90,000

  • Small Apartment Complex (20-30 units) – Approx. $80,000 to $120,000

  • Large Apartment Complex (over 50 units) – Approx. $250,000 and Up

*Prices are only approximate, call us for a free cost assessment.

Complimentary services

No Cost Retrofit Services



Site Assessment
yes, it's Free

Our team will develop a preliminary retrofit solution before you even sign a contract. The site assessment will help you know just what it takes to retrofit your building and how much it'll cost.



Permit processing
Our Competitors Charge for this - We Don't

We develop your retrofit plans, draft them, submit them, make all revisions, and process all permits required at no extra charge. Don't waste your time at City Hall - Let the Retrofit Pros handle it.



Tenant habitability plan (THB)
You'll Need this

Once your plans are approved we can start construction, but we'll need to notify all your tenants with a Habitability Plan first. We'll call HCIDLA and handle all the paperwork



Save $3,000

Did you know you save on your soft-story retrofit project? Retrofit Pros offers rebates that can help you save up-to $3,000 on your soft-story retrofit project. 


Rebates Too

Need help paying for your soft-story retrofit project? We've partnered with YGrene Energy Fund to offer PACE Program financing - Get Started Today!