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Residential seismic retrofit services


Did you know an older home can be heavily damaged during an earthquake? For residential structures the seismic retrofit process includes adding anchor bolts, bracing plates, foundation plates, and lumber in the crawl space around the perimeter of the foundation to reinforce the existing connections between the wood-frame and the concrete foundation. 

The main goal of a residential seismic retrofit is to strengthen cripple walls to enable them provide lateral shear, protecting the structure, and preventing significant damage as a result of an earthquake. Bolting down the foundation enables the structure to stay in place in the event of an earthquake, protecting the home against the possibility of sliding off the foundation.  

You can also incorporate other preventative, non-structural, measures to help protect your home even more. Several homeowners opt to strap-down the water heaters to reduce the likelihood of water and fire damage in the event of a strong earthquake. Additionally, installing a seismic shut-off valve to your gas meter is a smart idea. 


Simpson Strong-Tie Universal Foundation Plate (UFP)

earthquake brace+bolt program

The Earthquake Brace Bolt program was established to provide California property owners with financial incentives to seismically retrofit their wood-frame residential structures. At the beginning of every year select Zip Codes are eligible to receive up to $3,000 in funds to apply towards their residential seismic retrofit when they select an EBB Approved Contractor.